2024 Wedding Trends

2024 is quite literally right around the corner and we are seeing some really fun and AMAZING wedding trends going into the new year. Being a wedding planner and designer team we get to create many different designs and themes. Some designs are very colorful, vibrant, and bold and are unlike you’ve ever seen before. Others are classy but with a fun extra special design touch that makes it unique to the couple. So without further ado, here are my seven 2024 wedding trends to help you create your ultimate, epic, and wonderful wedding day!

Bold Colors!

We are talking not just hints of colors here and there, but TONS of color. Everywhere! Think: loud and bright pinks, multiple color palettes that you never would have thought to put together are now together, different textures, and more! Here at Carly Saber Events – we LOVE these types of designs and this has to be one of our favorites! Because, honestly, it’s time to start thinking outside the box and use that favorite fuchsia color you’ve loved since middle school!! It’s your day, so let it be your way!

Photographers: Sarah Partain, Taylor McCutchan, Lauren Lee Photography & Others

Candle Heavy Centerpieces

The romance, the elegance, how could you not fall head over heals with this trend?! There is something so beautiful about the candles flickering at dusk while everyone listens to your loved ones’ speeches during the reception. Can you picture it now? Because, I know I can!

Photographer: Brandon Scott & Others

Bridesmaids In Different Colored Dresses

We hope this trend stays!!! And stays for good because we are obsessed!! The variety and playfulness that come from allowing and having your bridesmaids in different colored dresses is perfection. Not only can you tie in your entire wedding design to the bridesmaids’ dresses, but you can also have each dress be able to compliment the body type of the bridal party. It’s a total win, win! And, a huge plus is that during the design process with us, we can talk specifically about what would look the best with your overall design theme!

Photographer: Lauren Lee Photography

Checkered Dance Floors

Retro, classy, elegant yet modern – all in one. The checkered dance floors are an amazing way to bring that extra pazazz to your wedding reception. Instead of the wood or all-white dance floor that most would choose – pick a black and white one instead. I promise it will bring your wedding design to that next level and really give that WOW factor to all of your guests!

Photographer: Elizabeth Warrick

Bride Arm Sleeves & Sheer Gloves

Stunning! Need we say more? We think not, but must!! The bride’s arm sleeves and sheer gloves make your wedding attire and dress just that much more stunning. SO much romance!! A great way to utilize these if you don’t want to wear them during the ceremony is to do an outfit change. Instead of having the same look throughout the entire night, add on your sleeves and gloves to your reception for a “second look”! Just like these two did.

Photographer: Taylor McCutchan

Video Guest Books

This is one of the most interactive and FUN trends around the block! Video guest books are a great way to have your guests actually leave notes in a really sentimental way. Imagine at your 1 year anniversary going through all those videos your loved ones left you and crying and remembering the best day ever. And, the best part is there are a few companies that make this super easy to set up and even include a ring light so your guests look their best!

Photo Credit: VOAST Website

Fruit As Part Of The Wedding Decor

Yes, please!!! This 2024 wedding trend is such a cute idea. Instead of going the traditional way and including only floral and candles – spice it up and add in fruit instead! It will definitely be a show stopper and get people excited for something unexpected!!

Carly Saber Events | Luxury Napa Wedding Planner Team

Over here at Carly Saber Events, we are always going to support your wildest dreams and make your epic wedding day come true!! And these 2024 wedding trends are so fun and unique that we would love to see you do one of these too! So, what one was your favorite? We have to know!!

If you are ready to have support from our team and help you create that fun and unique wedding day, please fill out our contact form and we can’t wait to hear from you!