Indoor VS Outdoor Wedding: The Pros and Cons

Wow! So, you are in the best part of your wedding planning process: venue scouting and selection… first off, congrats! Second, take a big deep breath and get excited because your wedding planning has officially begun. We understand how hard it is to pick out your dream wedding venue and how much time and energy it takes to make that decision. This led us here… creating this amazing blog telling you our thoughts about indoor VS outdoor wedding venues and the pros and cons that are associated with both. We made this blog in hopes that this could help ease the stress of finding your venue! Ok – let’s get to it! Keep scrolling for our guidance!

Finding Your Dream Wedding Venue: It Can Be Easy & Fun When You Know What You Are Looking For!

Indoor Weddings Pros & Cons


  1. Weatherproof:

    • Reliability: Indoor weddings are like your trusty umbrella on a stormy day—no unexpected downpours or surprise gusts of wind will rain on your parade. Your wedding day, your rules! Exactly how it should be, right??

  2. Year-Round Availability:

    • Flexibility: Indoor venues are the chameleons of wedding locations. Want a winter wonderland or a sizzling summer soirée? You’re not bound by Mother Nature’s mood swings when you’ve got a roof over your head. Also! No need for a backup rain plan in the winter months, because you’ll be covered by the indoor venue!

  3. Decor Control:

    • Stability: Forget about wind-blown centerpieces and runaway tablecloths, or even those beautiful menus that you took months to design. They will all stay in place when having your wedding inside. Delicate details? No sweat. They’ll stay put, rain or shine. Plus, it’s a planner’s dream come true when we don’t have to worry about the rain or wind 😉

  4. Comfort for Guests:

    • Climate Control: Guests at your indoor wedding will be so comfortable. Air conditioning in summer, cozy heating in winter—everyone’s relaxed and ready to party when the music turns up! Plus, when your guests are happy it means more fun and less stress for everyone!


  1. Limited Space:

    • Sizing Concerns: Are you open to downsizing? It may not fit as many guests as you’d like it to! Some indoor venues might play hard to get with the guest list, making it tough to squeeze everyone in. Our tip: when you are inquiring with your favorite venues be sure to ask how big their indoor venue space is and how many people they can accommodate!

  2. Less Natural Light:

    • Ambiance Challenges: Sure, there’s artificial light, but nothing beats the golden glow of sunshine. If you’re a sun lover, you might need to get creative with lighting to achieve that outdoor charm. Don’t worry, we have you covered with a handful of our favorite lighting vendors that can make your lighting dreams come true!

  3. Less Scenic Backdrops:

    • Visual Appeal: Indoor venues can be stunningly decorated, but they might lack that jaw-dropping natural scenery you get outdoors. If you dream of saying “I do” with a mountain view, you might need to rethink your location or have part of your wedding day outside and the rest inside!

Still want your wedding ceremony outside but don’t want to worry about the weather for the rest of the evening? 100% doable when you have a venue that has the accommodations to host your day in an indoor space and outdoor space. Think: wedding ceremony on the Tuscany-inspired lawn with a vineyard view and wedding reception in the gorgeous ballroom with a blank canvas that you can truly make your own!

Outdoor Weddings Pros & Cons


  1. Natural Beauty:

    • Goregous Backdrops: Outdoor weddings are one of our favorite types of weddings due to their visual appeal. Gardens, vineyards—the world is your backdrop, and it’s going to be stunning no matter where you have your big day!

  2. Daylight:

    • Golden Hour Lighting: Daytime weddings under the sun? Stunning! It is so gorgeous to see natural light beam down on all of your family and friends and of course you! Natural light makes everything look dreamy and romantic! And, that’s what you’ll want on your wedding day!

  3. Beautiful Surroundings:

    • Nature Is Your Best Friend: Nature is the ultimate wedding theme. Whether it’s rustic chic or boho glam, outdoorsy weddings let you dance under the stars, twinkle lights, or tie the knot surrounded by gorgeous flowers or vineyards in prime season. It truly is unbeatable!!

  4. Cost Savings:

    • Natural Decor: The great outdoors is your wedding decorator. Less need for elaborate decorations due to the true natural beauty of the surroundings here in Sonoma & Napa Valley. Some of our absolute favorite wedding days are when our couples let nature around them decorate their big day! Plus, it’s a huge cost savings! A total win-win situation!


  1. Weather Risks:

    • Risk of Disruption: Outdoor weddings are the ultimate risk. Rain, wind, or a sudden cold snap? It could happen. You’ll need a backup plan which of course we will help you make this happen! You may need to rent a tent last minute or have some umbrellas or parasols in the heat!

  2. Noise Restrictions:

    • Regulatory Hurdles: Outdoor venues might be a bit strict. Permits, noise restrictions, and guest count limits can cramp your style. For example, all outdoor venues in the Napa Valley area have a noise ordinance of 10pm sharp! So, if you are envisioning an outdoor dance party then you should be ok with having the wedding end at 10pm or have a venue that allows an after party indoor venue to keep the party going!

So, there you have it – our pros and cons of having an indoor and outdoor wedding! There are a lot of different ways you could go about having your wedding day organized – some indoor, some outdoor or all indoor or all outdoor! The possibilities are endless. Be sure to take into consideration the time of year, your guests, what style and aesthetic you are going for, and what your venue can offer! But, most importantly, remember that regardless of what venue you pick or what happens with the weather it is all about celebrating love with your partner and all your close friends and family!

Let’s Find Your Perfect Outdoor Wedding Venue!

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