Luxury Persian Wedding Day at a Private Estate in Healdsburg

Being a part of Shadae and Ash’s luxury Persian wedding day at this stunning private estate in Healdsburg, CA was incredible! It was super important to have their culture at the forefront of their wedding day, so we did just that! During the ceremony, they embraced their culture fully. They included a sofreh that included items that have been passed down through many generations. It was so special to them and their families!

In a Persian wedding the ceremony will always include a sofreh and is often described as a spread. Normally covered with beautiful items that each has their own symbolism for the marriage. Also, not only was the infusion of the culture important to them, but they wanted to ensure that it was family-centered. Every part of their day and decision they made up to their wedding showed exactly that! Come see more of this fantastic wedding in Healdsburg and get inspired for what your Persian wedding could look like too!

Black Tie Persian Wedding In Healdsburg, CA

This meaningful and family centered black tie wedding turned out to be so dreamy!! Everything from their vendors to their design choices made their ideal wedding come to life! Being a part of the decision making process from the beginning was such a blast as they really paid attention to all the details. Fun fact about the happy couple: they LOVE food! Therefore, they decided to go with one of the best catering teams around: Pascaline! Overall they hand picked everything on their wedding menu and it all turned out to be mouthwatering!! All the guests raved about how incredible everything was. Another really neat thing about the couple is that their family owns a print shop!! So, of course, they had to go all out on the signage and paper goods. When I say that they paid attention to the detail – they really did!

A True Meaningful & Family-Centered Luxury Persian Wedding Day

Family means everything to them! It was very important for them to have family intertwined into their entire day. So, they accomplished this by having their wedding at a family member’s private estate! It turned out incredible! To take the family-centered wedding day a step further, they had Shadae’s aunt be the officiant. They knew it would make such a difference to have someone extra special officiate! And, ultimately, I think this was the best option! Tears were shed and everyone loved having her aunt lead the ceremony and traditions!

But, it doesn’t stop there! To make their luxury Persian wedding even better, they hired an amazing DJ, DJ Justin Entertainment to bring the dance party to life and he sure did that!!! They were situated under twinkle lights and, I kid you not, every single guest was on that dance floor! To say this wedding day was a blast and one of a kind is an understatement and I am so honored to have been a part of their magical day!

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Planner: Carly Saber Events@carlysaberevents
Photography: Love Tribe Weddings@lovetribeweddings
Bridal Gown Designer: @taralatour
Gown: @kinsleyjamescouturebridal