Colorful Wedding At Viansa Winery

THIS DAY WAS NOT ONLY SO COLORFUL, BUT LITERALLY EPIC! Ali & Max had so many elements of their wedding day that were special, meaningful and unlike any I have ever seen before. They had personal notes to every guest, a wedding cake made by the bride, with pressed flowers that she made from flowers given to her from Max over the past year, cotton candy, colorful wild flowers everywhere AND there was a gifted Barbie jeep that people rode around during the dance party! So, when I say this was the most epic wedding I have been a part of – I truly mean it! Check out this preview of their wedding day shot by their video team, B Studios!

A Fun & Colorful Wedding At Viansa Winery In Sonoma, CA

I cannot say enough good things about Ali and Max and their Viansa Winery wedding day! The amount of thought that was put into all the little details made every moment so memorable. Her flowers and color scheme were absolutely to die for. So much so it was featured in our 2024 Wedding Trends blog highlighting what you can do with color and mismatched bridesmaids dresses! The best part is that the color didn’t just stop at the floral. It was infused in every part of their day. Please, take this as your sign to go ALL IN in on color and not steer away from it because it could turn out as beautiful as this one did!

If you are wondering why there was a toy car rolling around the dance party – her dad always promised that she would get a Barbie jeep for Christmas but never did, so, he thought this was the perfect opportunity to gift her one! It was one of the best moments of the night!! People were quite literally taking turns strolling around in it and it was hilarious.

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