Wedding Signage: The Secret Weapon To A Magical Wedding Day

Alright, lovebirds, listen up!! It’s time to dive head first into why your wedding signage is your secret weapon to creating a magical, memorable, and luxurious wedding day. Unfortunately, a lot of times, wedding signage is the last thought out part of your wedding when in reality, it should be one of the first! It’s the little details, like the style of your menus or welcome sign, that elevate the experience your guests will have. So, let’s uncover why these signs are the secret to an unforgettable wedding day.

Top 4 Reasons Wedding Signage Is A Huge Factor Into Your Wedding Experience From A Luxury Wedding Planner

Guides Your Guests

Wedding signs, like a welcome sign or seating chart, are not only beautiful but SUPER important. This is because it acts as a guide for your guests! Directing guests to essential locations such as the ceremony site, reception area, restrooms, and more! A well-placed sign (that we will help place for you on the wedding day!!), will eliminate lots of confusion ensuring it is a seamless flow!

Shows Of Your Style & Personality

Every couple has a unique love story to tell which means your wedding signage should reflect that! Every single sign gives you a canvas that shows off that personality and style! You can do this through elegant calligraphy, whimsical illustrations, or witty phrases. The possibilities are endless and you can truly do whatever sets your soul on fire. And we love that! Especially when our couples add in their own personal flare that makes it known that the signage was specifically made for them!!

Enhances Your Wedding Design

Wedding signage serves as more than just practical! They are truly important components to your decor and wedding day design theme! From welcome signs adorned with lush florals to seating charts displayed on vintage mirrors, these add visual interest and help the design feel aligned with the venue. Doesn’t it sound so nice having a sign that actually matches your aesthetic and elevates the ambiance? If you said heck yes, then you understand our vision!!

Photo Opportunities

I think we all love those instagram worthy moments, don’t we?! Or even just a fun photo opportunity that creates super awesome and memorable moments!! Well, wedding signage can do just that! Whether it’s a romantic quote framed against a sunset backdrop or a full length mirror with adorned floral it’s a great way to have your guests capture and share their memories. These types of signs add an extra layer of charm to your wedding photos and gives your guests some really fun to interact with!

Wedding Signage Is So Important! So, Let’s Make It Exactly What You Want!

While wedding signage may seem like a small detail in the planning process, it is SO important to not overlook it! From guiding guests to reflecting your personality, complimenting your design and creating amazing photo ops, signage plays a huge role into how your wedding day will feel! During the planning process with us, we will help guide you on the design and what we think will be best for what you are envisioning! If you would love to have us by your side every step of the way, then reach out and fill out our consultation request form and let’s get this started! We can’t wait to hear from you and help you through all of the big decisions!